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RISE Program

Rise After School



“Our mission is to provide a value-added after school program that supports and reinforces academic achievement and provides fitness and enrichment opportunities for students in a safe environment provided and supervised by engaged, caring adults.”


RISE After School began in 2009 as a pilot program at Almondale Middle School (now Keppel Academy). Today, RISE After School partners with 13 California school sites to provide a safe environment where students receive academic support and engage in a wide variety of enrichment opportunities after school.  We offer parent-paid programs as well as programs funded by California's After School Education and Safety (ASES) grants.  Each of our programs is unique and is a reflection of our diverse staff and the goals of each school site.


Attendance Requirements

Consistent attendance in the RISE After School Program is very important.  Students are expected to attend the RISE After School Program each day that they attend school.  Students are expected to actively participate every day.  Students who have three (3) unexcused absences may be dropped from the program.  Parents are required to contact the Site Coordinator by phone or provide a signed note when their son/daughter is absent from the RISE After School Program.

* Parent-Paid programs do not have attendance requirements


Early Release

Each RISE After School Program begins at the end of the regular school day, operates a minimum of 15 hours per week, and is open until at least 6:00pm.  We pride ourselves in creating and offering a safe, engaging, and positive after school setting for students. To receive the most out of their time in the program, students need to attend each day and stay for the full program hours.  RISE offers an After School Education and Safety Program, not after school day care.  Staff and students are negatively impacted by early departures. In order for students to receive the maximum benefits from the academic support, enrichment activities, leadership opportunities and other program offerings, early release days must be kept to a minimum.  If your child has a regularly scheduled weekly appointment, please schedule a time to meet the site coordinator at your school site to discuss the early release policies and procedures.   

* Early Release policies do not apply to Parent-Paid programs.


  1. Pickup a Registration Form.  Registration forms are available in the main office of the school as well as at the RISE program after school.  One registration form is required for each student.  The RISE program is only available to students attending school at that site.  
  2. Return the Completed Registration Form to the main office of the school or to RISE Site Coordinator after school.  
  3. The RISE Site Coordinator will call you to let you know when your student(s) will be able to begin attending the program.  Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.  There are a limited number of spaces available at each program and some sites develop a waiting list very quickly.