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Congratulations to the girls basketball team who went 5 - 0  throughout the season, taking home Gibson's first basketball trophy.  Gibson Eagles soaring high to achieve high!

Girls Basketball
Girls Basketball





After School Programs


Through a two-year Partnership with Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering, Daisy Gibson School has a Femineer Club.  Headed by Mr. Kell and Mrs. Machado, the Femineers is an after school program.  It is a girls-only club that recruits from Grades 6 - 8.  The Femineers learn such things as creative robotics, wearable technologies, and application of engineering in real-life situations. The dual goals are to motivate girls into STEAM fields and to empower them into thinking that they can reach as high as any boy can when it comes to academic and career choices.


This is a year-long program that requires an application and approval from the homeroom teacher.  When selection comes, we look at  the student's academic and social behaviors, as well as the school attendance.  Girls selected meet once a week on the average but late evenings and Saturdays are not out of the question.  


Girls have showcased who they are and what they have accomplished at the AV Fair, AV Air Show, Daisy Gibson Community Forum, and Cal Poly Pomona. The Femineers will also showcase their accomplishments at the Femineer Summit at Cal Poly Pomona.  Daisy Gibson's Femineers are also invited to Cal Poly Pomona's E-Girl Night where they, and one of their parents, attend an evening meant to inspire the girls to go to college and assist parents in learning how to get them into college.

MIT JV Invent Team

Mr. Kell has received a Grant through MIT to form a team of students that would learn and apply techniques and processes that inventors use.  The JV Invent Team used an application process and we were able to take everyone that applied.  Students met once a week for 2 hours and enjoyed themselves immensely, especially when they were sculpting, creating molds, and making castings.


Students learned the inventor design process, very similar to the engineering design process that we teach, as well as Biomechanics and Biomimicry. Their goal was to investigate the shoe soles that athletes use from a variety of different sports. The students had to come up with a design of their own. They then learned how to sculpt their design into a 3-D model and use it to create a mold using chemical mixtures. From those molds, students had to create a prototype casting of their sole from which they could gather real-world data.


The Invent Team also took a field trip to Antelope Valley College, where they were immersed in STEAM challenges and took a walking tour through the campus.  It was led by college students who explained to them what they had to look forward to when they go to college.