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SRC Superstars!

Top SRC Readers for September:

First-Damian Martinez 1,507

Second-Abigail Davila 7,626

Third-Benjamin Cecena 99,117

Fourth- Abagail Bicker 221,625

Fifth- Amara Barajas 168,805

Sixth-Wilmer Vasquez 252,075

Seventh-Madalena Dean 280,059

Eighth- David Chavez 132,240

As of September 16, 2019, Lake Los Angeles Students have read 4,378,763 words and passed 1,109 quizzes for Scholastic Reading Counts. The grade level with the most words read is 7th grade with 1,342,938!  The grade level with the most quizzes passed is 3rd grade with 333.