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Staff Directory

Dr. Alison Walker, Director

Angelica Rodriguez, Secretary 

Samantha Barba, AM Clerk

Citlaly Lopez, PM Clerk

Adapted Physical Education

Charles Watkins

Occupational Therapy

Jamie Cruz

Jessica Prange

Physical Therapy

Leticia Pena Fernandez


Jessica Aldaco

Karrin Clark

Dr. Elizabeth Llanes

Chermine Williams

Speech Team

Dr. Lyanne Melendez, SLP

Kelly Nguyen, SLP

Dr. Givona Sandiford, SLP

Maureen Hardy, SLPA

Teresa Novy, E-Helper

Brenda Villavicencio, E-Helper

Special Education


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Keppel School District to improve, through excellence and presumed competence, the education and quality of life for exceptional children while working collaboratively with staff and families to enhance progress.

The Special Education Department provides services and programs that include preschool, special education, and behavior support.  We support and serve students and families through a wide range of education professionals, including: special education teachers, adapted physical education teacher, occupational therapist, school counselors, psychologists, and speech and language specialist/pathologist.

Our multitiered system allows for a comprehensive system of differentiated supports that includes evidence-based instruction, universal screening, progress monitoring, formative assessments, and research-based interventions matched to student needs, and educational decision making via student outcome data. Successful implementation and maintenance of a multi-tiered system of supports improves the academic and social emotional outcomes of every student.


IEP Resources

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) agenda is an outline of an IEP Meeting. While all IEP meetings are unique, there are legal requirements regarding the order of discussion items.

IEP Agenda-English

IEP Agenda-Spanish

The IEP Meeting is defined in federal law and state law.  However, the premise and value of assembling an IEP team is bringing together a group of people who are knowledgeable of and interested in a student’s education. The group is assembled to be active participants and to fulfill a variety of roles that are integral in making decisions designed to result in positive outcomes for the student.

Roles and Responsibilities-English 

Roles and Responsibilities-Spanish

Antelope Valley SELPA

 AV Special Education Local Planning Area

The AV SELPA and local school districts foster coordination between general and special education for prevention and early intervention of suspected disabilities.