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Superintendent Zepeda

Dr. Ruben Zepeda II
Dr. Ruben Zepeda II



Executive Assistant

Mrs. Karina Hoffman


Superintendent's Cabinet

Dr. Jesus Luna

Assistant Superintendent


Director of Finance


Mr. Ward Lunneborg, Director

Student Support Services


Dr. Alison Walker, Director

Special Education


Office of the Superintendent

Welcome to Keppel Union School District

Keppel Union School District places students and student learning at the center of all that we do. Our teachers, support staff and administration care deeply for the social, emotional and physical wellness of our students. We provide a rigorous and relevant standards based curriculum designed to prepare students for future success in high school, university life, the military, work and as valuable contributing citizens and neighbors. We understand that each student is unique, learns in a variety of ways and has gifts and talents that deserve nurturing in a supportive environment. Therefore, we strive to provide students with personalized learning opportunities so that they may recognize their dreams and aspirations.


I encourage you to join us by taking an active role in you child's education. You are a significant influence in child's life and it is important that you encourage your child to attend school daily, complete homework and class assignments on time and to lead by example.

Superintendent Locker