Meet our Staff

Director of Transportation

Xochitl Mendez

(661) 675-4480


Juana Solis

(661) 675-4480

Driver / Trainer

Pauline Trujillo

(661) 675-4480

Bilingual Clerk

Claudia Madrigal

(661) 675-4480

*Please email Claudia any new transportation applications!

School Bus Drivers

  • Guadalupe Alejandre

  • Teresa Barboa

  • Perla Godoy

  • Nancy Harris

  • April Jefferson

  • Klarissa Johnson

  • Sonia Lepe

  • Cesar Zamora

Substitute School Bus Driver

  • Karen Romo

Transportation Team

Bus Routes 23-24

Flex/Minimum Day Schedule 23-24

School Bus Application 24-25

Transportation Forms

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Keppel Union School District Transportation Department to provide safe, reliable and efficient student transportation. Ensure that busses are maintained for safe and reliable transportation for all eligible students to and from school as well as extracurricular activity trips.


Keppel Union School District Transportation Department was created in 2019 by our Former Superintendent , Dr. Ruben Zepeda II. Since then, the department has served the transportation needs of all of our Keppel schools within our district.

The Transportation Department provides a safe and enjoyable experience to all of our students.


Transportation Bus Yard

Transportation Bus Yard


School Bus Safety Reminders

Bus Stop Safety

(While waiting at bus stop)

Arrive early - Children should arrive at their assigned bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

Stay off the Roadway - Remind children to stay away from the road. A bus stop is not a place to run or play.

Be courteous - Remind children that their assigned bus stop could be someone’s home. Do not destroy or play in private property.

Loading the bus

Be Patient - Children should wait until the bus comes to a complete stop to load the bus. Wait until the door opens, and the driver signals that it is okay to approach the bus. No pushing or running to enter the bus.

Use Handrails - Children should use the handrails to avoid falling, especially in wet or snowy weather.

Unloading the bus

Wait for the Bus Driver to Escort - When the children need to cross the street, please wait patiently for the driver to escort them across the street safely.  Never run in front of the bus!

Stay away from Blind areas - Children should avoid walking behind and at least 12 feet around the school bus.

Stay Visible - If the child drops something near the school bus, they should alert the driver rather than try to retrieve it themselves as the driver might lose sight of them.

Stay Alert - All vehicles are required to stop for a school bus when the red lights are activated and the stop sign is deployed (while loading/unloading) passengers, but children should stay alert for drivers not following the law.

Behavior on the Bus

Follow Bus Driver’s Instructions – Follow the bus driver’s instructions promptly and respectfully.

Avoid Eating/Drinking - Eating and drinking is a choking hazard, please remind students to wait until they get home or school to eat.

Don’t Distract the Driver - Once on the bus, children should avoid loud talking, yelling, screaming or other distractions for the bus driver.

Remain Seated - Children should sit down facing forward.  Do not walk or change seats while bus is in motion.

Sit only in Assigned Seat - For safety of our bus riders, driver will assign seats to all students. The front seats are for younger students or students that need special attention.

Keep self and belongings Inside the Bus- Children should never put their hands, arms or heads out of the window. Throwing objects out of the window is dangerous for pedestrians and other vehicles.

Keep Aisles Clear - Legs, books, backpacks or bags are tripping hazards and can block the way in case of an emergency.

Be Courteous – Keep your hands to yourself and respect all passengers. Fighting or horseplay is not allowed.

Be Kind – All passengers deserve to be treated fairly and kindly.  No foul or derogatory language will be allowed.

Stay Safe –Tobacco or alcohol in any form is PROHIBITED.  Possession of illegal drugs or weapons are PROHIBITED.