The Keppel Union Transportation Team of 12 Drivers, a Trainer, a Dispatcher, a Mechanic and a Director, are ready and happy to support students' return to hybrid in-person learning.
about 1 year ago, Dr. Jacqueline Cardenas
Buses are meticulously checked to ensure safety.
Bus drivers are skilled, certified drivers.
Watch for our buses around town and wave to our dedicated drivers.
We were happy to see students in grades TK-2 return for in-person hybrid learning today. Welcome back!
about 1 year ago, Dr. Jacqueline Cardenas
Safety first!
Checking in at the gate is a must.
Lining up for class - we are ready!
Learning together in class on day one is fun!
REMINDER: Health regulations require that any person on campus is required to wear a face shield or mask that covers the nose and mouth. RECORDATORIO: Las regulaciones de salud requieren que cualquier persona en el campus debe usar una careta protectora o tapabocas que cubra la nariz y la boca.
about 1 year ago, Keppel Union School District
Keppel Academy would like to thank all of our volunteers and sponsors for the support you have provided and continue to provide for our school. Our community has always been a great support to Keppel Academy. We look forward to continuing to work together to keep improving our schools for our community and our children. Keppel Academy quisiera agradecer a todos nuestros voluntarios y patrocinadores por el apoyo que han brindado y continúan brindando a nuestra escuela. Nuestra comunidad siempre ha sido un gran apoyo para Keppel Academy. Esperamos continuar trabajando juntos para seguir mejorando nuestras escuelas para nuestra comunidad y nuestros niños.
about 1 year ago, Keppel Union School District